Monday, January 31, 2011

New Recipe Challenge #4: Lemon Chicken Soup

Recipe #4: Lemon Chicken Soup (from Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Complete Cookbook)

Difficulty: Low The hardest part is making sure to whisk the soup contiunually for about 5 minutes after you introduce the egg yolk/broth mixture to avoid curdling

Rating: Fair I have made Avgolemono (Egg Lemon) soup before, just not with this recipe that uses chicken broth and canned chicken and rice soup for the base. I prefer to use orzo noodles instead of the rice and I did add extra lemon juice to the stock and squeezed more fresh juice on my bowl.

Nik had some of the soup and liked it, so I think I will make a different recipe (with orzo) soon.

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