Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions: Past and Future

2011 Resolutions Recap

1. Exercise three times a week/Lose 20 pounds As of December 22, I lost 12 pounds this year. I did a good job exercising at the beginning of the year doing Leslie Sansome walking dvds. Then for my birthday, I got a bike rack for my car and started going to local bike trails. I was up to a 4 mile ride at Waterfall Glen before the weather got too cold and for the last two months, I haven’t exercised at all.

2. Create 260 scrapbooking layouts I finished the year way short of my goal. I only got 157 layouts done. Part of this is due to the large about of card-making I have been doing instead. After finally purchasing a Cricut machine this past summer, cards have trumped layouts in my crafty time. This year I will have a lower goal and add a card making goal as well.

3. Make at least one new recipe each month In typical resolution style, this goal was going great for the first half of the year. I still ended up making at least 13 new recipes that I had never made before, I just stopped keeping track of all of them on my blog.

4. Host a Operation Write Home card making event Besides sending several batches of my own cards to OWH, I also hosted an event at church this summer. Thanks to friends and church members, we were able to send over 250 cards from that event. The God and Me scout class also sent a batch of Any Hero letters, and this fall we received a reply letter and photo from a solider serving in the middle east.

2012 Resolutions

1. Exercise three times a week/Lose 20 pounds I plan to start up a walking program this winter and once the weather is warmer get back on the biking trails. I have purchased a treadmill to walk on and will use an iFit program to track my progress. I would like to get up to a 3mile walk (based on the Leslie Sansom program). For biking, my goal is to complete the full 7 mile loop at Waterfall Glen. Beside increasing my fitness level and removing excess weight off my body, a December trip to Disney World is part of my motivation—got to look good for Mickey!

2. Create 180 scrapbooking layouts and 100 cards I am adding a card goal and lowering my layout goal. I think this is more realistic based on what kind of crafting I did this past year. Looking forward to going on another scrapbooking weekend this year with my sister and friend Jennifer. The card total will not include any cards I will be designing for the church card making event I will host this January.

And here our two journals I made to help track my progress:

157th Layout of 2011-Easter

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