Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monster Money Holders

I was bummed that I missed making this Halloween card at Mary's stamp camp this month, so I had to try to duplicate it. These are actually gift card holders. The "bolt" brads are holding a gift card on the back.

My New Camera is Coming!

I ordered my new camera today! I have been saving for a better camera for about a year and I am so excited. This was chosen as a "best buy" by Consumer Reports.

Monday, October 27, 2008

This Past Weekend-10/24-25

Friday was Nikolas' class trip to the Morton Arboretum. The children walked around the park with a guide who taught them about different types of seeds. They were able to collect seeds and leaves off the ground and also learned about the life cycle of a tree. I was one of the chaperons and was responsible for five children.

Nikolas on the school bus. It was pretty cold that day, but thankfully it did not rain.
Then on Saturday night, our church hosted their annual Trunk or Treat party. Nikolas dressed up as a ninja.
We invited our neighbors, and Kristi made these cute rocket costumes for her boys--how crafty!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ten months until our WDW vacation

In a little over 10 months I will be turning 40!!! But on a happier note, in less time than that we will be enjoying the magic of Walt Disney World again.

As I continue to count the days, here a few more pages from our 2006 trip. This was our second day: October 20, 2006, also our 10th wedding anniversary. We spent the first part of the day at Animal Kingdom.

The picture below taken in front of the tree of life was taken when we returned to AK later in the week. That is why we have different clothes on. :-)

One of Nikolas' favorite ride was the Kilimanjaro Safari.

While his daddy enjoyed meeting Pocahontas.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Flashback Friday-My Dad

Today would have been my dad's 83rd birthday. He would have been the same age as Paul Newman. Here are a couple of scrapbooking pages I did awhile back.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Flashback Friday-Halloween 1999

October is here and that means it's almost time for my favorite holiday--Halloween!
And our flashback, from 1999 shows Gary and my costumes for that year. Everyone thought I was a pineapple, but I was supposed to be corn, inspired by the Suzy Zoo sticker on this layout. Gary was The Shadow, his favorite radio show character. We wore these costumes to work that year and to the Halloween party my sister and brother-in-law hosted.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Week in Review 9/24/08-9/30/08

While at Toys R Us last Wednesday, I noticed a "We have Wii" sign in the window. So we picked one up. This is Nikolas' Christmas present, but since he was with me when I bought it he gets to enjoy early.

Apparently, the Wii isn't going to be as hard to get as last year...we were back at TRU today and they still had the sign up.

After school on Thursday, we headed to the zoo with one of our neighbor and her two kids. I am so glad that they moved in last year and that the boys have become playmates.

On Friday night, we headed out with our friends, John and Janine, who are moving back to Las Vegas this week. We will miss them a lot, but now we have the best excuse to finally make a trip to Sin City.

Saturday was Nikolas' birthday party at McDonalds. He was joined by twelve exuberant boys with ages ranging from 3 to 8.

After McDonalds, we headed over to Mary & Todd's to celebrate both Nikolas' and Todd's birthday.

Resolution Update--Just a Tad Behind

I resolve to take more pictures! Thanks to Nikolas’ birthday, I did take quite a few pictures this month.

I resolve to read the Bible in a year. Thanks to Nikolas’ birthday (and prepping for it) I am two days behind—I just need to double up a couple more to be back on schedule.

I resolve to read 12 Newbery Medal winners this year. I am in the middle of Bud, Not Buddy, my September selection. I got a late start on it because I was busy reading books for my freelance assignment.

I resolve to lose 20 pounds. As of today, I am 5 pounds lighter than I was at the start of 2008. I have gotten up to exercise several morning this month. Although, some of the sessions were just stretching because I am having discomfort from my plantar fasciitis. Again, not super progress, but still better than a gain.