Thursday, December 17, 2015

BNspired-A Pack of Journals for the New Year

I have had the privilege to work for Barnes & Noble for over eight years now. Every week I go to work, I am always finding new, inspiring things. So as a way to remind me of all this inspiration, I have decided to share my finds with you through BNspired.

I had to take a short break from BNspired, but finally posting again!!

This great pack of journals arrived in the newsstand this week from Flow magazine. Flow is a Dutch magazine, printed in Poland that explores the love of paper. This pack of four journals is $17.99.  

Each journal is themed: A New Beginning, How to Slow Down, Homemade Happiness and The Joy of Making Lists

Here are a few of my favorite pages from the inside:

From A New Beginning: Vacations I Would Like to Plan

From How to Slow Down: Not Now-This week I am not going to do

From Homemade Happiness: Tiny Pleasures List

From The Joy of Making Lists: How to Make a Bucket List

I’m looking forward to having some fun with these journals in the new year!
Fine print-Prices and availability may vary by store. Barnes & Noble is not affiliated with this blog/post and has not compensated me in any way for this endeavor. Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.  

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